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Helping and assisting customers by:

  • Truly understanding your company’s identity
  • Recommending your jobs and employer brand, extending offers, and negotiating pay with the best shortlisted candidates.
  • Presenting candidates who are inclusive and diverse
  • Planning your workforces and dealing with talent shortages

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Helping and assisting candidates by:

  • Finding you a rewarding job and helping you achieve your career goals
  • Finding you the best work-life balance and connecting you with an opportunity at a great place to work
  • Providing you with updates on your career options

Briefly describe your essential skills and work experience, and the opportunity you are looking for.

Recruitment Areas Covered

Sales: SAAS Sales and Customer Success


  • ERP: SAP S/4HANA, Microsoft D365, Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle Netsuite, Sage …
  • CRM: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP CRM …
  • Infrastructure: Networking, Cloud Computing, Technical Support, Linux …
  • Development: Software developers, Full Stack, Front, Back Web Developers, Programming languages, Python, Java… User experience (UX, UI), Machine learning, Quality Assurance, Mobile application skills …
  • Cybersecurity: Risk analysis, Cybersecurity analytics, Security Engineer; Security / Cybersecurity Architects, Penetration testing, Compliance …
  • Data and Analytics: Database Administration, Data analytics, Data Visualization, Data science, Big Data …
  • Other: Project management/lead, Automation, Business skills …